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SBT Co. has been producing innovative olive products by using sophisticated European machinery and using experienced staff since 2005.

All products from this factory are distributed in all states throughout the country through authorized representatives and authorized distributors. One of the most valuable advantages of our products is the variety of different types of olive-related products, produced exclusively under the SBT brand name.

Special attention to the line of organic products, as well as precise inspection in quality of our products and verification of consumer satisfaction, remains among the highest goals of the company.

In trading on the global market, quality control and food safety have a very high level of importance and consumers are paying special attention to this matter. So entering into this market requires special care and therefore SBT has devoted all its efforts to the health of all consumers.

SBT Co. has taken substantial steps aimed at consumers’ health and satisfaction by using advanced, sophisticated and state-of-the-art European and international technology, as well as employing leading-edge scientific knowledge from the nutrition and food industry in all its product lines.

All of the raw materials used in production lines, from initial to final processing stage are under strict testing and examination. Processing sources have been selected from the best local and international suppliers who hold all necessary health certifications from authorized and certified hygienic and health centers worldwide. The quality control unit of the factory continually seeks to identify customers’ needs and satisfaction criteria, from choosing raw materials through to the final stage placing the finished products into the hands of consumers.

We do believe that teamwork stressing high quality at every turn is the most important and vital step we have taken in line with achieving our quality goals and objectives. Validation comes from our consistent record in quality testing and examination by all national laboratories. Our strategy and approach to highly targeted inner-organizational goals and objectives in this factory has led to proven results.

Production of black olive and BARSA sauce (a mixture of olive oil and date vinegar) takes place entirely in our factory and is considered one of company’s flagship products. It is a source of pride that our sauce can compete with any high-quality imported foreign products.

Positive taste elements of all olive oils:

    Spicy and hot taste (pungent).
    Pleasantly bitter taste.
    Fruity taste.

Negative taste elements of olive oil:

    Mildew smells (fusty).
    Moldy smells (musty).
    Winey – Vinegar smell.
    Muddy – Sediment smell.
    Metallic smell.
    Rancid smell.

Olive oil is exclusively extracted from the fruit of olive tree and is respectively classified (quality-wise) as follows:

    Extra virgin olive oil.
    Virgin olive oil.
    Ordinary virgin olive oil.
    Pure olive oil.
    Refined olive oil.
    Pomace olive oil.


    Extra virgin olive oil (Premium natural olive oil).

Pure and natural olive oil with the free oily acid less than eight percent (according to National Iranian Standard Institute, it is one percent based on oleic acid). In this classification, it has no negative taste and the density of fruity taste in this oil is more than zero.

    Virgin olive oil.

This type of oil is extracted from the fresh fruit of the olive by mechanical method. This is done considering the fine conditions of production without any specific processing and additives except washing and separation.

    Ordinary virgin olive oil.

Natural and pure olive oil with less than 3.3 percent free oily acid based on oleic acid. Taste classification of this type of oil is based on the fruity taste it may have. If the products has fruity elements, it will be classified in this level only if the average negative taste rating is greater than 5.2 percent or less than or equivalent to 6. If the product has no fruity taste and a negative taste rating between 5.2 and zero, the oil can be classified only as a natural ordinary olive oil, not ordinary virgin olive oil

    Pure olive oil.

This oil has been extracted from mixing natural olive oils with refined olive oils and is suitable for consumption. The free oily acidity of this product based on oleic acid is less than one (in National Iranian Standard Institute, this would be less than 1.5 percent).

    Refined olive oil.

This oil is refined from natural olive oil using ordinary refinery processes. Such refining should not cause any changes in preliminary glyceride structure of the oil. The free oily acidity of this product, based on oleic acid, should not exceed 3 percent.

    Pomace olive oil.

This olive oil is not suitable for edible purposes and the level of free oily acid in it is more than 3.3 percent. The taste rating average is more than 5.6. This oil can only be used industrially.


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